From Malta to Argentina, two talented producers from very different parts of the world came together and result can be best described as groovy, hypnotic with a bit of funk. Surely to be a staple in sets of many DJs, the release also has 3 remixes, each one bringing something different to the table.


01. Remote Templates (Dactilar Remix)
02. Remote Templates (Hakimonu Cause And Effect Dub)
03. Remote Templates (Daniel Leseman Remix)
04. Remote Templates (Deepfunk Mix)
05. Remote Templates (Marcelo Vasami Mix)


Benoit – Coool mixes.
Cevin Fisher – Loving this – loaded with quality tracks.
Chris Lake – Nice vibes here, cool warm melodies.
Cid Inc – Great pack, hard to pick a favourite here!
Darin Epsilon – Another strong release from Subtract! I’m most likely going to be playing the Dactilar mix in my sets.
Dave Seaman – Good package, deepfunk mix is cool.
Eelke Kleijn – Daniel Leseman’s mix stands out for me.
Guy J – Great package from subtract, Dactilar remix is my fav, thnx good luck.
Guy Mantzur – Great pack Of music here, supporting all the way.
Hernan Cattaneo – Really good tracks. I like Marcelo and Deepfunk stuff a lot! Hakimonu mix is out of the world. Great label as well!!
Jamie Stevens – Very very nice, guys!! To be honest, all of these mixes do it for me and I’ll probably end up playing all them for differing occasions which is great!! Wonderful stuff.
Kasey Taylor – Nice one, thanks
Kassey Voorn – Huge mix by Dactilar, great pack all around!
Microtrauma – Great package. Thx a lot!
Nick Warren – Great work from the lads, deepfunk’s own mix hits enough ground for me.
Oliver Schories – A dreamy tune. Nice! Thank you.
Orde Meikle (SLAM) – Will road test these cool trax – thanx.
Sasha – Good melodic deepness.
Solee – Quite interesting release. I like the remixes by Daniel Leseman & deepfunk…will try it! Thanks for sending!
Sound Process – Great stuff! Dactilar ́s my fav. Thanks.