As someone that constantly innovates, and develops his own techniques and methods every step of the way, Anton’s knowledge and understanding encompasses a wide variety of topics and subjects. His hands-on and direct approach has let him to study the deep inner workings of the events industry from every angle. From his sound engineering acumen (he’s the engineer of choice for brands like DEEP, Sublevel and Daybreaker), his instinctual ability to curate multiple genres of music and an understanding of the music industry as a whole.

“You can always depend on Anton for top-notch sound, and staying on top of it all night!”  –  Doc Martin



A man of many interests, he is constantly seeking to get involved in exciting and cutting-edge projects. There is something very exciting for him to take on new challenges, and explore unknown frontiers. If you’re interested in getting Anton’s feedback on a project he can contribute to, please get in touch.

Event production
Graphic design
Marketing and promotion
Music curation
Sound engineering
Stage design
Ticketing and box office
and more